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Next Door Photos empowers realtors, business owners and home builders with visual marketing solutions so they can get back to doing what they do best: running businesses and buying/selling houses. We have a team of local, highly-trained visual media professionals providing you with same day availability and next day turnaround!


We are a Kingdom-Minded organization that thinks people are more important than profits. As a locally-owned company, we care deeply about Front Range and making it a better place to live & work. Know of a ministry/non-profit/cause that could benefit from our donated products? Please let us know as we are always looking for ways to invest in our community.


We offer the most comprehensive suite of visual media products in the industry. We know how important it is to stay fresh on technology and offer you the best products for your listings.  Ask us about the cool things we are working on and the future of real estate visual media (like virtual reality)!

Headshot - Troy Hayes (Denver) circular


Owner – Front Range

Troy is the local owner for Next Door Photos Front Range.

Troy graduated from the University of Michigan in 2014 and has multiple years of experience in customer service and sales. Troy is passionate about excellence and customer-centric business and brings those traits to Next Door Photos to empower realtors, business owners, and homeowners with high end visual marketing media. When Troy is not working you can find him spending time with his wife Laura, hiking the Rockies or exploring new restaurants around town.



Business Support Associate – Front Range

Chris is an accomplished business support associate and enjoys using his skills and extensive customer service experience to contribute to the exciting work of NDP . He has been working in the operations for the NDP Front Range in the last one year but also worked as a customer service representative for over 5 years before joining NDP. He is so passionate to see clients’ problems solved and always eager to see customers’ expectations exceeded. His main role in operations is to handle most communications, a role he enjoys most because of his friendliness and enthusiasm about problem solving but more importantly, his interactions with different amazing clients has increased his experience in understanding client related issues and coming up with more efficient ways to help. Besides, he’s a great environmentalist who participates in tree planting twice every month and loves volleyball and dancing during his free time. You’ll hear from Chris often as he handles a lot of client communication.

Headshot - Juan Checo (Denver)-modified


Operational Administrator – Front Range

Juan is an avid problem solver with years of experience in customer service who is always looking to challenge himself both physically and mentally. He is straightforward, easy to talk to, and is passionate about helping others. He spends most of his time either working, at the gym, or playing sports. He handles a lot of the day-to-day operations and client communication, so you’ll likely experience his cool and calm demeanor as he tries to make your day just a little bit easier.



Media Pro – Denver

Todd is a Lead Media Pro for Front Range and helps with product training.

Todd moved up to Denver back in October of 2021 from the Alabama Gulf Coast. He is a freediver and did underwater photography and videography as well as worked with Youtubers and amazing artists like glassblowers and wood carvers. Now that he’s away from the ocean, his wife and Ihim hike any chance they get and ski through the winter. One of his favorite things about being a Media Pro with NDP is interacting with all of the home owners and seeing their personalities come alive in their beautiful homes.

Foxton NDP headshots add-3


Media Pro – Denver

Foxton is a filmmaker and photographer who is a Colorado native with a passion for visual art.  In his free time, he loves to make music, mountain bike, ski, and spend as much time in the mountains as he can. His favorite part about working as a media pro is interacting with new homeowners on a daily basis and capturing all the beautiful homes that Colorado has to offer.



Media Pro – Denver

Stevie is from Denver and loves to travel and experience all the world has to offer.  He loves using his skills as a photographer and videographer to capture the beauty of his adventures.  He loves to build relationships and work with people and loves that NDP allows him the ability to express his artistic abilities while meeting new people and seeing all the amazing homes in Colorado.

Headshot - Stetson Littlejohn (Front Range)-modified


Media pro – Denver

Stetson is a Colorado Native that cherishes his passion for photography ,with showcasing properties creatively as a Media Pro. Enthusiastic about real estate photography, building relationships, and exploring Colorado’s beautiful homes. When he’s not shooting for NDP he enjoys hiking, biking, traveling, and spending time with family and friends.

Headshot - Caleb Ford (Noco)-modified


Media Pro – Noco

Caleb is a graduate of Michigan State University where he completed a degree in Communications. After graduating he worked as a producer for General Motors helping run a live auto show experience. When he is not shooting houses for NDP he’s either wrenching on his off-road vehicle or off exploring Colorado’s endless wilderness with his wife and two dogs. Try not to be startled by how tall he is.



Media Pro – Noco

Hunter joined the NDP team in October of 2018. He graduated from the University of Central Florida in March 2018 with a Bachelor’s degree in Interdisciplinary Studies. Hunter specialized in Behavioral Sciences/Humanities with a minor in Digital Media. He is an avid hiker as well as an explorer of various creative mediums.

Headshot - William Techler (Front Range)-modified


Media pro – Noco

William is a photographer and world traveler based out of Loveland. He has a passion for capturing stunning landscapes, candid portraits and diverse real estate properties. In his free time, William loves spending time with his fiancé and two pups exploring the outdoors, discovering new cuisines and planning for his next adventures abroad. He is excited to be part of the Front Range Colorado team of Media Pros.

Headshot - Trent Emory (Front Range)-modified


Media pro – Noco

Trent Emory is a graduate from the University of Colorado Boulder’s School of Journalism and Mass Communication. After graduation, he worked for the Study Abroad Department at CU, creating promotional videos for their travel programs. His experience there led him to a studio focused on documentary education, where he worked him way into the role of director of photography & lead editor.

However, Trent still wanted more out of life. He wanted to capture the beauty, intrigue, and magnificence of the world and its peoples for everyone to see. So, he made the decision to harness his passion and philosophy to create Sonder Creation Studios – a videography/photography production house – in the hopes that its creations could help create a more vivid, curious, humble, and enlightened world.

Outside of his role as a media pro for NDP, he loves playing music, cooking, traveling, being in nature & taking nature photography, studying history & philosophy, watching football (Go Bears), and spending quality time with loved ones.

Trent was born and raised in Illinois, but migrated to Colorado in 2013. His greatest mission in life is to help dissolve the detrimental and superficial barriers that exist between peoples and nature, and intends to do this through the power and allure of cinematic/photographic art & design. He is committed to telling only truthful, respectful, meaningful narratives that never mislead the audience or subject(s).

Headshot - Connor Fouts (Front Range)-modified


Media pro – Colorado Springs

Connor Fouts is a young videographer and photographer based out of Colorado that has been in love with cameras since he was in 6th grade. He fell in love with photography and videography because capturing a moment and being able to hold onto it forever is just priceless. He attended 1 year of college at the University of Colorado and is looking to get his bachelors degree in media production. When he is not shooting for NDP he loves to go to the gym, ride his motorcycle, make music, hike, and hangout with friends. He is very honest and caring and is willing to do anything for his friends, family, and his passion of videography and photography.